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In this part we have tried to give you adequate information about market circumstances, updates, predictions on market trends and prices. Two main factors that determine the bitumen price are Vacuum...

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Oil Market Daily Prices

Oil Market Daily Prices

You can check main oil product prices below:

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Paving Class Grades of Bitumen

Paving grade bitumens are categorized according to viscosity (degree of fluidity) gradings. The higher the grade, the stiffer the bitumen.

Bitumen Class 170

Class 170 is widely used in sprayed sealing and light asphalt applications to provide durability and fatigue resistance. It is also used to manufacture cutback bitumens, bitumen emulsions and modified bitumens.

Bitumen Class 320

Class 320 is most commonly used to manufacture asphalt mixes. Due to its higher viscosity, stiffer asphalt mixes can be produced to improve resistance to shoving and other problems associated with higher temperature and traffic loads.

Bitumen Class 600

Class 600 is primarily used to manufacture extra heavy-duty asphalt pavements that need to endure substantial traffic loadings.


The table below shows typical applications for paving grade bitumens: